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Tulula: Legend of a Volcano

Find the shattered pieces of a holy totem so a shaman can use its power to expel an evil spirit and save his tribe! A cast of hilarious characters will help you on your way. Enjoy a magnificent adventure of a kind rarely seen in casual games!
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Since 2002 with the filing of a laiwust for Second Amendment rights of U.S. merchant seamen in the federal court in Washington, DC I have stood in opposition to the Government's move for greater and tighter security measures without formal recognition of Second Amendment and Ninth Amendment rights of U.S. citizens to intrastate and interstate travel.And for several years now I have posted my criticisms and commentaries on my blog, on the affairs of Government on all matters concerning the Common Defence Clause of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States. And over the years my persistence criticism of the U.S. Government has had an accumulating effect of greater curiosity or annoyance with my public commentaries from the U.S. Government.For the last few years my Webcounter has logged visit from the U.S. Department of Justice (FBI & U.S. Marshals Service have the same domain name as the Justice Department), the U.S. Coast Guard.Most recently the Webcounter twice logged the Executive Office of the President (the White House) from two different IP addresses from the White House. The U.S. Department of State has visited my blog on several occassions because I criticized the Djibouti Code of Conduct, the international effort to combat Somali pirates, as a failure because the Somali pirates moved further East toward India and further South toward Madagascar. As a result of my ceriticizing the Djibouti Code of Conduct I have had visitors from Djibouti. I have no direct evidence on whether these visits were from Djibouti Government officials but the coincidental visits from the U.S. Department of State suggests the possibility of a Djibouti Government reaction.The first visit from the White House was a surprise to me. Since that technically was the first contact from the White House I consider that as my invitation to email Robert Bauer, White House Counsel. So, I email him about my ongoing federal litigation. That prompted a second visit from the White House from a different IP address.The Butterfly Effect from Chaos Theory (i.e., the First Amendment right to free speech and freedom of the bloggers, Oops! that's freedom of the press!) seems to be having its desired effect.I hope more people begin to speak up against the Government's ever increasing move toward greater security measures at the expense of our freedoms because the Government cannot retaliated against millions of Americans standing up for the Bill of Rights.

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